Are you thinking of studying at Zaynab Institute and want to know what studying here is like? Here is an example of what a timetable at Zaynab Insitute might look like, for a Year 1 Classical Islamic Learning student.

Please note that this is only an example for illustration purposes, so that potential students may see how many hours of studies per day they might have :

Example of Year 1 CIL Class Schedule

Time (GMT) MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
11:00 AMFiqh- Ascent to FelicityFiqh- Ascent to Felicity
12:00 PMSeerah
1:00 PM
2:00 PMWomen and Gender
3:00 PMArabicArabic
4:00 PM
5:00 PMQuran ClassQuran ClassUnderstanding Marriage and Relationhips
6:00 PM
6:30 PMHadithHadith

A student in the Quran Program would take part in the Quran classes and some additional courses, like Understanding Marriage and Relationships, Seerah, or Women and Gender Studies. The additional courses are, again, only here for illustration purposes and course topics are subject to change and the academy’s discretion.