Classical Islamic Learning

Course Overview

Classical Islamic Learning (CIL) is a 4-year degree program providing a holistic study of Islamic discipline. Please find full course content below.

Based on the Dars Nizami curriculum, CIL also focuses on contemporary issues relevant to Muslim women who want to develop a Quranic and Prophetic understanding of Islam. We have incorporated some of the traditional alimah program subjects with well-researched, customized academic, spiritual, and practical courses which will be useful for women in educational positions, dawah efforts, and leadership roles in society.

It should be noted that the CIL course is NOT an alimah course. Zaynab Institute does not offer daurah hadith studies. 

This program aims to provide an accessible way for Muslim women towards intellectual and spiritual growth with the purpose of increasing our connection to Allah. 


Please see an example of the course timetable here – please note this is an example. Class timings depend on teacher availability and will be announced to students before the course starts.  

Please read thorough the following description thoroughly before registering for the course.

The Classical Islamic Learning (CIL) course specifics:

  • 7 subjects each year, including Hadith, Tafseer, Arabic, Fiqh and more 
  • The Qur’an Program is a part of the CIL course – all CIL students will be enrolled to Qur’an Program as well. 
  • Around 12 hours per week of class time.
  • Qualified, experienced teachers – our teachers are alimah course graduates and most hold other degrees and relevant experience.
  • Recordings  for those who cannot attend live classes
  • Requirement of a minimum of 70% total attendance of which at least half of the classes per semester are attended live. 
  • Online tests at the end of each semester as well as required midterm quizzes and assignments.
  • A Classical Islamic Learning certificate granted upon the successful completion of the program which requires fulfilling attendance and exam required 
  • Live classes with interactive sessions and discussion forums
CIL students must be able to read Arabic – the minimum requirement is being able to read the Qur’an independently.
course contents for CIL course
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