Program Overview


The Quran Program is a 4-year diploma program for students who want to learn the translation and commentary of the entire Quran.

The course is based on authentic Hadith, classical sources of scholarly tafsir, and the lives and teachings of the virtuous believers who were the embodiment of the Quran. The emphasis is on understanding the depths of Quranic wisdom and to highlight spiritual insights and practical advice from the meanings of the Quran with the purpose of increasing our heartfelt connection with Allah.

There are two ways of studying in the Qur’an Program. Students must choose one: 


1. Diploma in Quran Program Regular (Certified Course): 

  • Suitable for students who can commit to required hours per week [3 to 5hrs].
  • 80% attendance requirement to be entered for the exam each term. 
  • Assessments online each midterm and at the end of term.
  • Recordings available for those who cannot join live sessions. 
  • Optional, supplementary courses such as Quranic Arabic, Hadith, Beginners’ Fiqh, Intro to Quranic Studies, Islamic Studies, Seerah, and Purification of the Heart [varies term to term].
  • Certificate upon successfully completing the tafsir program


Please note : Basic fluency in reading the Qur’an in Arabic is a requirement for enrolment in this program.


2.Quran ProgramAuditor (Non-Certified)

  • Students who want to listen to Quran classes without taking any exams or following the attendance policy. 
  • Both live and recorded classes available to auditors.
  • No certificate is granted.